Le Mas de Miejour

Myriam BOUFFARD & Tiphaine
117 chemin du Trentin
84250 LeThor

GPS : lat 43°56'38 N ~ Long 4°58'15 E
or 43,94414800° N ~ 4,97098088° E

Coming from D901, drive to le Thor and into the village. Drive under the arch, then pass the church (11th century old) and follow St-Saturnin-les-Avignon sign, then chambres d'hôtes and Mas de Miejour (blue sign).

Coming from Carpentras : Follow Monteux sign, then Isle/Sorgue up to D28 (big roundabout). make a right onto D28, drive by Giraud's flour mill and up until the D98 crossroad to le Thor. Make a left on D98 and drive approx 2,5km then right onto chemin du Méjean then right again onto chemin du Trentin. First house on your left n°117.

How to get here from the south ? Take A7 following Lyon Take exit n° 24 .Avignon Sud After the toll, make a right following Avignon then a left to Caumont/Isle sur la Sorgue. Drive approx. 1 km (0.6 mile) and make a left to Caumont / Le Thor. Drive thru Caumont and turn left at the roundabout then right following Le Thor on D1. Drive all the way the to roundabout (approx. 5,4 km) (!! DO NOT follow D901 Le Thor on your right). At the roundabout drive all around and take Saint Saturnin lès Avignon on D98 and always follow "Chambres d'hôtes" or "Mas de Miejour" signs. After 1,2 km make a left at the small stone bridge (chemin du Méjean) and a right turn in "chemin du Trentin". It's the first house on your left at n° 117, go to the 2nd entrance.

How to get here from the north ? Paris : take Highway A6 to Lyon Then A7 towards Aix Marseille Take exit n° 23 Avignon Nord. After the toll, make a right at the traffic circle following Carpentras/Entraigues.Take first exit to Vedène on D6 road, drive thru and keep going all the way to St-Saturnin-lès-Avignon. At St Saturnin, make a left (2nd light) following Pernes-les-Fontaines/Le Thor on D28. Drive approx. 2 km (1.2 mile) and make a right in "Chemin du Trentin" Drive all the replica watches way to n°117 on your right at approx. 2,3 km (1.5 mile).